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From The Garden with P Allen Smith
Television host and professional garden designer, P. Allen Smith provides tips from his daily gardening reports that are practical and useful guides to better gardening.
Van Engelen, Inc
Offering the very finest selection of the world's best bulbs.
The Blooming Bulb Company offers the home gardener a source for all your perennial plants and flower bulb needs at wholesale prices. We supply the horticulturist with tulips, daffodils, lilies, peonies, hostas, gladiolus, begonias, daylilies and many more.
Van Ness Water Gardens
Whatever your vision, water gardens create the central focus, whether located on the patio or in the garden, apartment complex, or office building. Furthermore, today's water gardens are easy to build and simple to maintain.
Midwest Gardens by Laara Duggan
Use these books to create the garden of your dreams! They are available from your favorite bookseller . . . or via the Internet from Review the "MIDWEST GARDENING CALENDAR" to find steps to enhance your enjoyment of your gardens.
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
"The greenest site on the web!" Like all of Brooklyn Botanic Garden's world-renowned publications, our web site aims to offer lots of practical -- and scientifically impeccable -- information to help you create a greener world.
American Society of Landscape Architects
Learn who the landscape architects are, what they do, what it is, and interesting information about ASLA, plus hot links to other great lanscape sites.
Caring for your yard and garden is enjoyable when you have the information you need. Check our lawn and garden tips.
Garden Web
"The Internet's Garden Community." Below you will find a listing of the many resources available at GardenWeb.
Better Homes & Gardens Gardening Department
Tips, hints, suggestions, and inspirational beauty from the BetterHomes and Gardens gardening editors.
The Rose Resource
Rose gardening tips. Winning rose hybrids. Designing with roses. History of roses.
The Kinder Garden (but not just for kids)
Many opportunities available for children to become involved with plants, gardens, or the outdoors in general.
Garden Net
"The Premier Gateway to Gardening on the Internet." Providing the best in information to gardeners worldwide!
The Garden Gate
The Garden Gate offers gardeners and nature lovers a carefully-selected and well-organized collection of links to informative and interesting horticulture sites around the world. So if you enjoy plants, either in the garden or in nature, stop on by, the gate is open!
The Virtual Gardener
An electronic magazine with organic roots.
RotWeb (Composting)
Site gives basic information about home composting. If you are new to composting, read the introduction to composting. A brief how-to guide may be useful for starting your own home composting system.
Innovative Home
Innovative Home provides unique, useful products for home and garden. Our products are designed to save you both time and money.
Hoticulture & Crop Science in Virtual Perspective
Links to gardening, horticulture, and landscaping resources.
The Dutch Flower Bulb Industry
The U.S. Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC). While is structured as a working tool for the press, everyone is welcome to browse the general area and to enjoy and learn from!
Dig Magazine
Dig Magazine’s Home & Garden Diversions. Dig Magazine has broad appeal, not only focusing on what home owners enjoy Outside the home, but Inside as well. Topics include Gardening, Plants, The Environment, Organic Gardening, Lifestyle, Movies, Film, Music, Entertainment, Books, Writers, Software, and more.">
Horticulture Guy & Friends
If you are interested in gardening, landscaping your home, taking care of your houseplants or attracting (and sometimes selectively discouraging) wildlife you're coming to the right place. You can ask me or my gardening buddies questions ("Ask Me") and see the answers posted in the Question and Answer ("Q&A") section or you can look at some useful tips in the "Big Ideas" section.

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