International Website Directory

Self-Help International
Self-help International is an ecumenical Christian organization dedicated to empowering small-scale farmers in developing countries to increase their farming efficiency and improve their incomes. Projects are ongoing in Ghana and Nicaragua.
The International Council on Social Welfare
A world organization promoting social development.
Peace Corps
Find out everything you need to know about becoming a Peace Corps volunteer, and get information about the places and peolpe where volunteers serve.
Embassy of Israel
Check out the Israeli Embassy in Washington, D.C. Online and very graphical.
Hello China!
MCI has a slick sight for the Chinese community world wide. A very graphical interface for a lot of information.
Islandia - A Guide to Iceland
Comphrehensive guide to Iceland. Over 60 categories include among others Health, History, Entertainment and People, Language, Economy and Tourism.
Si Spain
Anything you ever wanted to know about Spain. Maintained by the Spanish Canadian Embassy.
Take a look inside one of the most heard of and least know countries in the world.
City Net: Countries
The definative directory of all of the web servers in the world by country. Come here to learn more about countries around the world.

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