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The Vatican
The Vatican's website has a nice graphical interface and offers some very good information.
The Society of St. Paul - Alba House, U.S.
The Society of St. Paul, Alba House, U.S., website offers hundreds of Catholic books and tapes, Pastoral Life Magazine, Vatican News, Wineskins Radio, as well as Jewish-Christian Dialogue.
Science & Spirit Resources"
Science & Spirit Resources is dedicated to both gathering and disseminating information relevant to the fields of science and spirituality. The information on this site covers most current books, periodicals, published papers, lectures, conferences, and other events.
Creation 'Science' Debunked
This web page presents a critique of creation "science," and to serve as a guide to fighting the ceationists and their attempts to impose their peculiar interpretations of religion onto our society.
The Cult Controversy
Special reports from the Washington Post on cults using 50 years of Post photographs and news clippings from their archives. Spiritual Quest or Mind Control?
The Bible Prophecy Page
Get links to interesting Biblical prophecy sites and to other Biblical information sites.
The Bible Tutor
The Bible Tutor offers you an opportunity to stregthen you basic knowledge of the Bible's structure and content through independent study and interactive self testing.
Contend for the Faith
Get information on the goal to present to the world the reasonableness and excellence of the Christian truth for the glory of God and the good of His church. This pages gives you links to aid you in defending the faith and growing in the faith.
Karma and Reincarnation
Read about the Theory of Karma and other relating topics of the Hindu religion.
The Bible Gateway
Search through the Bible by verse or enter a portion of the verse and this will tell you where the quote may have originated. There are all kinds of different versions available for searching, as well as Bibles in French, Latin, Spanish, English, and more!
Vatican Exhibit Main Hall
This Library of Congress exhibition links you to many Vatican points of interest, including the Vatican Library, Archaeology, Rome, and much more.
Catholic OnLine
Links related to the Church, Catholic Education Network, and much, much more.
Jewish American Literature Research Homepage
A site devoted to American Jewish literature and writers, with information about various authors and their works.

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