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Strange Horizons
Strange Horizons is a free weekly professional online magazine devoted to encouraging and publishing quality speculative fiction, poetry, artwork, and related nonfiction.
Archive X
Ghost Stories and Folklore: angels, ghosts, paranormal, library, channelling, near death experiences, out of body experiences, visitations, phenomena, personal experience, spirits, haunting, scary stories.
more Archive X
This section of Archive X is devoted towards Ghost and Folklore stories. Information is gathered from various news groups as well as submissions from interested parties and case histories from officially documented hauntings and paranormal activities. It is a portion of The Virtual Library.
Sci-Fi Art
1st Encounters: Surreal, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy, Artwork and Illustrations by Duncan Long.
Slower link, but worth the wait! Die-hard Sci-Fi fans, check this one out!
[The Starship Enterprise]
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Next Generation Fans, this one's for you! Find information about the cast, guest roles, descriptions of all major alien species, episode summaries, movie rumors, and a trivia section.
The official Star Wars Web Site.
The KAG Domain
The Klingon Attack Group. Find out about membership, and just what exactly is going on here.
Science Fiction Weekly
Science Fiction Weekly reviews all things Sci-Fi in movies, books, games, news, and the web. There's even a place to submit original work for publishing! Great place to visit for the Sc-Fi inclined...
Tor SF and Fantasy
A terrific source for all kinds of scoop on science fiction books and authors. Also, links to still more sci-fi related sites.
Alien Voices
Alien Voices is a company of Star Trek actors who come together to perform dramatizations of the great Science Fiction Classics.
The X-Files
The offical X-Files Web Site.
The X-Files Alphabet Book
Learn about the upcoming X-Files movie, news, find links, and much more...

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