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Cedar Valley Movies playing at Movies lists all current movies playing in the Cedar Vally. Change the ZIP code and mileage and see which movies are plaing anywhere. Come Get Some...™
Balto Source.
The online source for the Balto animated films (Universal Studios), covering all the news on the Balto films! Articles, Fan arts, Fan fiction, Forums, Chats, Images...
Yahoo Television Guide
The latest news on your favorite soaps, sitcom info, and other interesting television trivia.
Yahoo Movies
All the information you need to know on new movie releases, movie news, upcoming releases, and much more...
TV Guide
Your TV Guide to entertainment.
Mr. Showbiz
Get the latest scoop on your favorite movies, actors, and actreses, sitcoms, and much more.
The X-Files
The offical X-Files Web Site.
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Next Generation Fans, this one's for you! Find information about the cast, guest roles, descriptions of all major alien species, episode summaries, movie rumors, and a trivia section.
The official Star Wars Web Site.
Media Nugget of the Day
Find information on your favorite movies with Media Nugget's extensive movie collection, catagories, links, and more.
Cine Media
Radio, movies, television, and new media, all archived with synopses and reviews.
The Official Highlander Home Page
This site sports some outstanding graphics and some of Netscape's new plug-in technology. It's a must-see for any fan of the movies or TV series.
The Movie Sounds Page
Just what it says. Cross platform sound bites from all kinds of movies from Casablanca to Batman Forever. Includes a link to all the sound tools software you'll ever need to play, edit, and create sounds used on the web.
Walt Disney World
Disney does itself proud with this Website! See what's playing in the movie or T.V. Plex, or listen to what's coming up from Disney Records.

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