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Animal Pictures
A high quality collection of tiger, wolf, bird, and other animal pictures.
The Grizzly Discovery Center
Located in Grizzly Park at the West Entrance of Yellowstone National Park, the Grizzly Discovery Center offers views rarely, if ever, seen in the wild. Here you'll discover firsthand the habits and surprisingly playful behaviors of grizzly bears and a gray wolf pack.
The Bronx Zoo
Official site features pictures, maps, and details about the largest metropolitan wildlife conservation park in the United States.
World Wildlife Fund
Are we doing everything we can to save the endangered animals of world? Learn about the animals and what you can do to help. Let's leave our children a living planet.
Endangered Species
Learn about the food sources, the behaviors, the habitats, and descriptions of endangered animals as well as view great pictures.
Zoological Society of San Diego
Find out the latest information on the San Diego Zoo, get a memership and be up on their upcoming events by joining their mailing list.
The Wild Dolphin Project
The Spotted Dolphin, The WDP Mission, links to other interesting dolphin sites, and much more...
Sounds of the World's Animals
Animals make much the same sounds around the world, but each language expresses them differently. English and French cows sound the same, but not in English and French! Explore the sounds of the world's languages through the sounds of the world's animals.
Mote Marine Laboratory
Welcome to the Mote Marine Laboratory where you can learn about the research they are currently conducting, their rescue and rehabiliation programs, and other exciting facts.
See How Animals Impact the Environment
See how animals impact the environment and what can be done to improve habitats.
Sea World And Busch Gardens
Check out Sea World's Animal Information Data Base along with other exciting news.
SBTekPets Directory
Links to important pet sites on the web.
SBTekHorse and Equine Directory
Links to important equine sites on the web.

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