Pets Website Directory
Do you want a cat or dog, but they don't allow pets in your apartement? Does your kid want a pet, but they just aren't ready for the reality of it all? Well then this is the place to get virtual pets for your computer. Get either Catz or Dogz, the lovable animals are fun to play with, and the best thing is, you don't need a pooper scooper or litter box!
Virtual Pet Cemetery
Did you recently lose a beloved pet, and you want to show how much you care by putting an epitaph up on the web? This is the place to go and do it. There is also a lot of neat animal stuff.
The Humane Society of the United States
Learn about the HSUS programs, and how to get involved along with top news stories about current campaigns, and international news.
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
The ASPCA promotes humane principles, prevents cruelty, and alleviates pain, fear and suffering of animals through nationwide information, awareness and advocacy programs.
American Pet Association
The APA is an independent, national humane organization dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership through action, services and education. Founded in 1991, all of the APA's programs are designed to help pet owners and their pets live a more peaceful, safe and enjoyable coexistence. We strive to develop a greater appreciation for the role that pets play in our daily lives. This Web site serves the same goals.
Pet Groomers
Find all the information on pet grooming and pet groomers in you local area here.
American Vetrinary Medical Association
All the information a person might need to care for many different kinds of pets.
Online Animal Catalog
The Online Animal Catalog offers articles, pictures, and links relating to all kinds of animals. Enjoy your visit.
SBTekAnimals Directory
Find out more information on animals by checking the links in the Animals Directory.
SBTekHorse and Equine Directory
Check out the links to great horse websites.

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